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On the Trail of "Der blaue Reiter"

This artwork is a journey into a style that was created in my Home of Bavaria in Southern Germany. The group "Der Blaue Reiter" (The Blue Rider) was formed by a number of artists, including Wassily Kandinsky, Gabriele Muenter, Marianne von Werefkin, Alexej von Jawlensky, Franz Marc, and August Macke. This art movement lasted from 1911 to 1914, fundamental to Expressionism.

My parents had asked me many times over the years why I paint in so much detail. "Take your glasses off and look around you. Couldn't you paint the racehorses you see in Muenter's style?" - my Dad would ask. It must have not been the right time. Maybe I was on a mission to show the World that I could paint in a most realistic way. My attention to detail almost became an obsession. And then I returned Home to Germany for a long Summer visit and went to the Schlossmuseum in Murnau where you can view one of the biggest collections of the "Der Blaue Reiter" movement. Right in this town where they all would meet many a time back in the early 1900s. And then I knew I had to give this a try. I no longer needed to prove that I could paint a horse and have every hair growing in the right direction. Here you will see my new journey into this exciting World of Letting Go. - Most sincerely, Dagmar

"The name of the movement is the title of a painting that Kandinsky created in 1903, but it is unclear whether it is the origin of the name of the movement, as Professor Klaus Lankheit learned that the title of the painting had been overwritten. Kandinsky wrote 20 years later that the name is derived from Marc's enthusiasm for horses and Kandinsky's love of riders, combined with a shared love of the colour blue." -wikipedia