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Many Thanks

Many Thanks go to all these wonderful people without whom I could not have done any of this.

First of all I want to thank my amazing family! There is NOTHING like the support of family and even though it was a tough one to convince them of wanting to be a Professional Artist, they never stopped me from pursuing my vision.

I also want to thank my dear close friends who stuck by my side throughout all the Highs and most importantly throughout the Lows (and there were many!). They gave their honest opinion and sometimes I did not want to hear it, but this is what friends are for.

Thank you to all my collectors and clients. To see the look in your eyes when unveiling my artwork for the first time- this is what keeps me going and makes me work even harder.

Thank you to the photographers I have had the honor to work with on so many of my paintings. Many of you have become dear friends throughout the years. Your talent, hard work and tireless hours to get things just right, are what connects us in this tough business.  

Thank you to my artist friends. It is a lonely world out there when you are in front of your easel and reach a road block. To know I am not the only one is sometimes all you need to know. Keep making the sky your limit!

And last but not least many Thanks to my husband and son. Our little family is the biggest inspiration every single day, to pursue the big dreams.